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Whether you are an individual looking for a great deal, or a business owner looking for hard to find items for your place of business, Texas Equipment Surplus is the place for you!

We have restaurant supplies, cafe & deli equipment, freezers & cooler, cars & trucks, trailers, and so much more!

The Texas Equipment Surplus site is LIVE! Click the link to check it out.

Money Transfer

WESTERN UNION or CHUYEN TIEN LE: Transfer money to your family in more than 100 countries. Your family in Vietnam, Mexico, the Phillippines, Laos, India,Thailand and many more will receive the money within 24 hours.

The transfer fee is minimal and your money is insured by our service agency. Just come to our stores and our staff will walk you through the process. It is fast and cheap to send money to your family.

Money Order

We sell money orders at our stores. The fee is starting from 39 cents.

Black & White/Color Copies

Bring in your documents and make photocopies in our stores.

Phone Card & V247

We sell phone cards of all amounts starting $5 to call to Vietnam, Asian countries and all other countries.
We also have V-247 Mr.Ngan phone service. Create the account, pay the amount you want and we only charge per minute of your call. The minutes never expire.

Lottery Tickets & Scratch-offs

We sell lottery tickets and different kinds of scratch-offs at our stores. Be our lucky winner!

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